Fortnite Battle Royale Battle Pass Challenges Guide

Week 8 of the Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3 has arrived, and Battle Path Holders can take a fresh set of weekly battle pass challenges for additional battle stars and rewards, thankful Fortnite is the final In return, it is after some of the longest unplanned downtime ever.

Still follow the treasure map found in the retail row, and in our 7 Fortnite Battle Pass weekly task section, you are looking to search hidden gnome in a different name location you are covering, Challenges from previous weeks remain active.

Most tasks are self explanatory, but further information is needed to understand what you have to do.

That’s where this guide comes up – we challenged the harder tasks and did the foot work to solve them as you do not have.

In the eighth week, we will dance on various dance floors and search for three boats.

Continue reading and you can earn bonus battle stars quickly.

You might have noticed that Fortnite Battle Royale applied patches to 3.5 and add some Groovy Dance Floor around the map and this challenge means that they are more than simply adding makeup.

In this week, a treasure hunt without a map is held, and how much is the land premises of the peninsula?

Naturally, the place to find 3 boats is Loot Lake, and there is a small island in the middle.

Heading south of the island, there is a wooden pier. Markers are displayed here and you can earn 10 Battle Stars rewards.

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