Fortnite Beginner’s Guide: How To Dominate The Year’s Hottest Game

For new adventurers, you will learn which weapons are best suited, where you want to live longer, where to landing, and how to take it effectively.

After choosing your game mode you can enter the lobby until enough players are available to start the game.

You need to be prepared to hit other players at any time.

On everything else, an assault rifle is needed.

You have room for protection in an accurate and appropriate position or it is not worth using it.

There is a considerable delay between shots when reloading, and it is necessary to make it accurate.

Automatic sniper soldiers have less damage, so you need to land multiple shots to defeat your opponent, but you can fire up to 10 times before reloading. This makes it easier to use for those who need to tackle their objectives.

You need to be careful with it. As the rocket approaches you, you will also die.

It is difficult to use for dropping arrows because you need a decent goal.

This is even more important when you need to start Fortnite’s first play and maximize the chances of winning in each gun fight.

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