Fortnite Cross-Platform Guide: Who You Can Play

Fortnite: Battle Royale is now the hottest game on the planet.

Epic Games’s popular survival shooter games are available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and iOS, and even even play some of these platforms with each other.

Not all platforms play nicely with each other, but extra work is needed to enjoy the game between the console and the PC.

Regardless of your preferred platform, here are players that you can not play with players who can play with Fortnite.

Do you want to set up a play session between your PS 4 and PC friends? It is viable as long as you have completed some steps.

Microsoft has the infrastructure for cross-platform play with other consoles, Phil Spencer, Xbox’s chief executive, desires to make PS4 and Xbox players be able to play together on Twitter Expressed.

Jim Ryan, vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said in an interview with Eurogamer last year that the lack of PS4’s cross-platform play was a matter of Sony wanting to make players safe.

Even Nintendo, supporting the cross-platform Xbox with titles such as Minecraft and Rocket League, Sony, the current market leader, wants to leave as many gamers as possible in PS 4. In a recent statement to Kotaku, Microsoft revealed that from Sony’s playback from PS 4 to Xbox, Sony is the only one who is turning Fortnite back.

“Microsoft has taken the initiative for a long time to encourage the adoption of cross-platform play and the possibility of a player’s connection between PC, mobile, and all consoles,” Microsoft told Kotaku It was.

“We are proposing to work closely with Nintendo to play beyond the network between Xbox One and the switch and to play in the same way as PlayStation players”

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