Fortnite Replay System Guide: Tips To Watch Those Homicidal Highlights Like A Pro

From here, all saved videos are sorted by date played, length of playback, where survivors were ranked in that particular game.

Epic can confirm the readability of the HUD and if you are familiar with what each icon is doing, you can easily retrieve the moment of killing your favorite survivors.

By clicking on the left stick, you can check various HUD options in order. You can turn on / off maps in the game, other screen / furniture, replay bar.

You can skip to a specific part of the match timeline by using the clock icon on the left side of the Replay HUD. You can interact with the player name bar on the right side to distinguish other survivors.

If you want to pan the camera up and down, press R1 / RB or R2 / RT depending on whether you are playing on PS4 or Xbox One.

By zooming in and out with L1 / LB and L2 / LT, you can close up your character close to personal or personal. In Cutely, you can also press the D pad up or down to change the play seed of the match. If you really want to taste the game win, you can delay the action up to one tenth of the normal game speed.

Select the first option if you want to precisely control the camera angle of the snaps in the game or select Drone to widen the range of the action.

The first camera is far away, the first camera is far from far away, and the other camera is located near the camera. The last option allows complete control of the camera.

Click the small camera icon on the left side of the replay HUD and you will be welcomed with various options to review the appearance of Fortnite Battle Royale.

8 mm places the camera far away and 400 mm is the most zoomed in option.

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