‘Fortnite’ Week 8 Challenges Guide – Variety

The 8-week challenge of the season 3 is living in “Fortnite” for the battle path owner. This means a battle star and a new way to gain experience.

By collecting more battle stars and raising the layers, players can earn rewards like beauty outfits and XP boost.

Palau, the westernmost point of the island, Snobby Shores, you have to complete for the third challenge to loot seven chests.

On one floor there is a flash factory, a haunted house near Pleasant Park, and a trailer park near the retail row.

To find a star “between three boats”, see this one minute YouTube clip.

Praise 10 battle stars with a tough challenge. The rest awards five awards.

Run 4 out of these tasks and unlock the feat of weekly featured battle passes.

Please complete all of them to earn as much battle star as possible. This gives the user the maximum value of the battle pass concerning the loot.

The weekly challenge of “Fortnite Battle Royale.” Usually resumed at 4 am Eastern Thursday.

This week the server of the game stopped due to emergency maintenance and the reset time was delayed about 11 hours.

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