Where Fortnite’s Dance Floors, 3 Boats Are Located

Eighth Week in Fort Wright: Battle Royale has several goals.

Especially, there are three issues of dance floor, three boats, vending machine, but based on the explanation, I do not understand immediately.

Owners of battle passes on PS4, Xbox One, PC, mobile have a way to tackle the remaining 8 weeks issue.

The most intriguing thing is to dance on the dance floor.

This challenge is hoping that you will find them and do a dance emote while standing on them.

You need to do this on three dance floors, but you can accomplish this with multiple matches.

We found a total of three dance floors. Go to the southeast corner of Flush Factory, grid B4, and grid I6 and you can find them. The dance floor is on the first floor of a newly built building.

Among the difficulties that Epic’s label is Hard, the most difficult thing is to search among Three Boats.

As soon as you acquire three assault rifles, please use the assault rifle. If possible, please use assault rifle with Dusty Depot which needs to remove 3 attack life.

Upon completing the challenge, you get a certain number of Battle Stars (either 5 or 10).

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